To obtain a hard copy of any current exposure draft or exposure drafts for which the comment deadline has passed, please e-mail

To obtain an electronic redline comparison* of an exposure draft or a final ASOP, please e-mail

You may e-mail your comments to or send hard copy letters to the ASB office at the following address:

ASB Comments
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Please note: All comments received (other than unattributed or anonymous comments) will be posted in their entirety on the ASB website on the Monday following their receipt. All comments will appear without editing of any kind. Comments will remain on the ASB website until final action is taken on the ASOP in question.

*The ASB provides electronic redlines of current exposure drafts and final standards upon request. It creates these redlines by comparing the published document to the current ASOP or to the last exposure draft (if any) of the same document using standard software. The ASB will not provide a redline if there is no previous version, or if it judges the redline would be more confusing than helpful. The ASB will attempt to ensure that the redline is accurate but does not take responsibility for errors. The redline is intended to help reviewers, but is not an official version of the document. The clean published version is the only official version.

Exposure Drafts Open for Comment