The ASB approved an exposure draft of a proposed new ASOP titled Principle-Based Reserves for Life Products. The proposed ASOP will apply to actuaries when performing actuarial services on behalf of life insurance companies, including fraternal benefit societies, in connection with the calculation or review of reserves for individual life insurance policies subject to Chapter VM-20: Requirements for Principle-Based Reserves for Life Products of the Valuation Manual.

The ASB approved a first exposure draft in 2013 and a second exposure draft in 2014. Changes to the second exposure draft were approved in 2015; however, because the draft involved compliance with a regulation that had not yet taken effect, the ASB issued a “pending draft,” to be updated when the Standard Valuation Law and the Valuation Manual describing the principle-based reserves for life products took effect. The Valuation Manual has been modified by numerous amendments since the pending ASOP was issued. In light of these amendments, the pending ASOP was updated. In addition, minor clarifications and additional guidance also have been made to the draft ASOP.

The comment deadline for the exposure draft is May 31, 2017 and can be viewed under the “Drafts” tab in “Current Exposure Drafts.”

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