General Committee Current Roster

Susan Pantely, Chairperson

Geoff Bridges
Andrew Erman
Julianne Fried
Olga Jacobs
Robert Miccolis
Brian Mullen
Keith Passwater
David Sandberg
Hal Tepfer
Christian Wolfe

ASOP No. 41 Task Force*

Patricia Matson, Chairperson

Gordon Enderle
Audrey Halvorson
John Purple
Rebecca Sheppard
Lisa Slotznick
Barbara Snyder
Frank Todisco
Shari Westerfield

ASOP No. 12 Task Force

Brian Mullen, Chairperson

Steve Armstrong
Andrew Colton
Samuel Early
Brian Fannin
Gordon Hay
Keith Passwater
Erica Rode

Assumptions Task Force

Shawna Ackerman
Ralph S. Blanchard, III
Raymond Brouillette
Mary Simmons
Margaret Tiller Sherwood

ASB Liaisons
Elizabeth Brill
Judy Stromback

*Reports directly to the ASB

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