Life Committee

David A. Brentlinger, Chairperson

Janice Duff
Linda Lankowski
John MacBain
Henry Siegel
Anthony Tokarz
Matthew J. Wininger

Life Insurance and Annuity Pricing Task Force

David Brentlinger, Chairperson

Jodi Kravitz
Lisa Kuklinski
Steven Putterman
Anthony Tokarz
Candace Woods

Task Force on Principle-Based Reserves

Linda Lankowski, Chairperson

Erik Anderson
Arnold Dicke
Jacqueline Keating
Michael Ward

Task Force to Revise ASOP No. 2

Gabe Schiminovich, Chairperson

Brian Lessing
Donna Megregian
David Hippen
Lance Schulz
Linda Rodway

Task Force to Revise ASOP No. 11

Jeremy Starr, Chairperson

Martin Snow
Leonard Mangini
Annette James
Marc Oberholtzer

ASB Liaisons

Cande Olsen
Kathy Riley
Barbara Snyder

ASB Staff liaison

Virginia Hulme