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ASB Adopts Revised Introduction and Numbers It ASOP No. 1

The ASB adopted a revised version of the Introductory Actuarial Standard of Practice. The Introduction was revised to clarify the meaning of such terms as “must” and “should”; to include a definition of “deviation”; and to make other revisions to the language that were not substantial but did help clarify meaning in various sections. Also, to reinforce that the Introduction contains guidance that must be followed, it has been numbered as ASOP No. 1. Subsequently, the existing ASOP No. 1, Nonguaranteed Charges or Benefits for Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts, is renumbered as ASOP No. 2, since the existing ASOP No. 2, Recommendations for Actuarial Communications Related to Statements of Financial Accounting Standards Nos. 87 and 88, was repealed in March 2011. The effective date for the revised Introduction is June 1, 2013. The ASOP can be viewed under the tab “Current Actuarial Standards of Practice.”


ASB to Meet December 9–10 in Washington

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The next regularly scheduled meeting of the ASB will be held December 9–10, 2013, at the Academy offices in Washington, D.C.


ASB Approves Principle-Based Reserves Exposure Draft

The ASB approved the exposure draft, Principle-Based Reserves for Life Products. The proposed standard applies to actuaries when performing professional services on behalf of life insurers, including fraternal benefit societies, in connection with the calculation or review of reserves for individual life insurance policies, where such reserves are represented as being in compliance with the provisions of the Standard Valuation Law and the Valuation Manual governing principle-based reserves. The comment deadline for the exposure draft is December 16, 2013 and can be viewed under the tab “Exposure Drafts.”